JNIPort for VA Smalltalk is available from VAStGoodies.

JNIPort is a Smalltalk library which allows Java code to be invoked from Smalltalk. It acts as a bridge between the world of Smalltalk objects and a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) where Java code is executing.

JNIPort was originally written by Chris Uppal for Dolphin Smalltalk and published under a liberal license which permits its use in commercial and non-commercial software. Joachim Geidel has ported JNIPort to VisualWorks and Pharo/Squeak. The Pharo/Squeak version was used for bringing JNIPort to VA Smalltalk.

Posted by Adriaan van Os at 9 August 2012, 11:40 am with tags JNI, Java, Smalltalk, VASmalltalk, VAST link
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