VAStGoodies.com has been updated. All the bugs that crept in over the last 3 years have been fixed. Other (minor) improvements have been made as well. Here are the highlights:

  • Moved to a faster server.
  • Enhanced caching mechanism ensures better responsiveness. Internally, there is an extra layer of objects on top of the ENVY concepts now.
  • The projects page is back!
  • There is a tags page.
  • Performance and minor fixes and tweaks at statistics page page.
  • Added horizontal rule (_) to wiki syntax.

As before, annotation tags from the most recent version of a configuration map are used to generate the project pages. In case you are not too happy how your projects appear, you might want to upload a new version with adjusted tags.

One as side note, please avoid uploading maps containing deployable code and development code. It's is better to split it over two (or more) maps and use a single project tag to link them together at the projects pages and in the statistics.

Posted by Adriaan van Os at 27 February 2012, 6:41 pm with tags VAStGoodies.com link
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