During the Camp Smalltalk at the ESUG Conference Soemirno Kartosoewito and I have been working on a list of updates for VAStGoodies.com, which are now deployed.

The list includes:

  • VAStGoodies.com (server)
    • Migration from VA Smaltalk 8.0.0 beta1 to VA Smalltalk 8.0.0.
    • The statistics page now includes the last 5 downloads and uploads.
    • Tags are now links and effectively functioning as a filter on the projects page.
    • Possible existing exports are deleted from the server cache on every upload.
    • Replaced the wiki renderer and put the syntax on the help page.
    • The help page now includes an explanation of how to use the annotations.
    • A list of best practices for using VAStGoodies.com (Tools) is now on the help page.
    • The developer description, if any, is now rendered on developers page.
  • VAStGoodies.com Tools (client)
    • Some enhancements in the UI.
    • Annotation fields are more logically ordered.
Posted by Adriaan van Os at 1 October 2009, 12:00 am with tags VAStGoodies.com, VASmalltalk, VAST link
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