I have just posted photos from the VA Smalltalk Forum Europe 2010 that was being held in Stutgart earlier this week. The Forum had over 45 attendees, mostly from Germany, Switzerland and The Netherlands. They witnessed a series of informative talks, enjoyed good food and had a lot of fun before, at, and after the Forum. Thanks to Joachim and others for putting it together.

Marten Feldtmann was rewarded for the numerous uploads he made to VAStGoodies.com by Louis Andriese of Delta Lloyd, (hosting) sponsor of VAStGoodies.com.

VASt Forum Europe 2010

Click the photo above for some more.

Posted by Adriaan van Os at 12 June 2010, 11:40 pm with tags Smalltalk, VAST, VASmalltalk, photos, VAStGoodies.com, conference link
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